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Level 3 (Division I & II)


Level 3 gymnastics is designed to be an introductory level of gymnastics competition. It is our intention to host meets with a positive approach for the gymnasts. In order to focus on a positive experience and reduce the gymnast to gymnast score comparison, we will flash ONLY the color of the ribbon for the score range that the gymnast has achieved (see Score Range and Ribbon Color designations below). Scores may be written on the Coach’s Level 3 Score Record only if the coach requests them from the judges. The only team competition for Level 3’s is the SCMGA Level 3 State Team Championships. (Note: The following Ribbon Breakdowns should be printed in each meet program for the parents) 

Competitive Uniforms

The philosophy behind this level is to keep the high costs of competition to a minimum.  Gymnasts are required to compete in a T-shirt (with sleeves) and shorts ONLY.  Gymnasts may go bare foot or wear socks or gymnastics footwear on any or all events.  No warm-up uniforms or competition long pants are permitted for competition or for march in.

Results, Scoring & Awards

No scores will be flashed in this level for either division. After the judge determines the score, the appropriate ribbon based on the Ribbon Color Table below will be selected and flashed.  The ribbons will be given to the gymnast at the end of the competition.

2023-2024 Season
Level 3 Scores.png
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