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Logo Contest

As an organization that is here FOR the athletes we are going to give the Athletes, Coaches and Gymnastics community the opportunity to create and give back by hosting a Logo Challenge. 


SCMGA has always been known for the incredible gymnastics, awesome competitions and a place to go for great weather. But ... it’s more than that, it’s a community of gymnasts, coaches, clubs, parents, judges and families that truly love the sport. 


At our recent SCMGA board meeting the idea of creating a new modern logo was mentioned, and even better, we want YOUR ideas. 


SCMGA will be hosting a Logo Challenge asking for all to participate and to submit your creative ideas below.  As a board we will select the top ideas, and a winner will be selected this summer.


SCMGA is also looking for a graphic designer ( within our gymnastics community to ) to take the inspired logo and put the finishing touches on creating a new fresh look for SCMGA.


The challenge starts now!!

Due Saturday, July 14, 2018
Submit Logo Ideas

All Logo ideas should be submitted to Mitch Claman no later than Saturday, July 14, 2018.  Any photo format will be supported.

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