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Athlete Representative Program

Deadline to Submit

December 31, 2021


Updated 11/29/2021


Updated 11/29/2021

The purpose of the SCMGA athlete representative program is to bring athlete perspective and voice to the board and general membership. Selected athletes will work collaboratively with SCMGA leadership to ensure that all events and directives of our State are centered on the well-being of athletes and the growth of our sport.

Athlete Incentives
  • Applies towards community service hours

  • High School resume for college applications

  • Get to know the gymnastics community at an entirely different level

Shared Athlete Duties
  • Bringing athlete specifics questions and concerns to the board

  • Speak to athletes at local competitions

  • Attend all live/virtual board meetings (voice no vote)

  • Assist with annual Senior Awards

  • Create Graduating Senior Video

  • Help communicate/educate athletes about USAG Academic All American Award

  • Advise the board on athlete events, fundraisers, social interactions, social media, athlete surveys

Criteria for Consideration
  • Grades 9-12

  • Current SCMGA Athlete Member

  • Complete the General Application

    • Club Nomination

    • Parent/Guardian Signature

    • Resume/Letter of Recommendation

  • Interview Process with the Board

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