2020 Graduating Seniors

Every year the SCMGA State Championship Meet Host provides FREE to all graduating seniors the opportunity to be in the State Championship Souvenir Program with a color half page layout.  Below are the details and deadline information you will need so that you can be honored this year.

Benjamin & Matthew Ard
Benjamin Guerrieri
Diego Lopez
Eli Littman
Ellis Galleher
Erik Lilligren
Evan Bock
Edward Yao
Gabriel Sirevnt
Hayden Goldstein
Isaiah Drake
Jacob Long
Jacob Tobin
Jadon Roberson
Jeremy Bischoff
John Bothwell
Jonas Bar-on
Joshua Lin
Kalan Hauser
Matthew Chertkow
Robert Castillero
Sean Kalani McClure
Seth Ornelas
Tomohiro Kawada
Troy Lipis
Zachary Bowman
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Due Sunday, February 16
Create 1/2 Page Layout

Please create a half page layout with the following information and photos, save it with your name as the title and return it via email to scmgadirector@gmail.com


1. Three Photos:

  • Senior Photo

  • Recent Gymnastics Action Photo

  • Photo from when you first started gymnastics

2. Full Name

3. Name of High School and GPA (Optional)

4. College, Major and/or future career plans

Enter Bio Information

The Senior Bio will be presented at the State Championships.  Please fill out the form below and send to scmgadirector@gmail.com

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