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Dear Coaches, Club Owners, Athletes and Parents,

USA Gymnastics along with support from the Regional board have decided that due to the rapid spread of the corona virus and the threat that it poses on athlete, parent, coach, judge and spectator wellness, the 2020 Region 1 Championships will be Cancelled. Currently, JO Nationals is still slated to move forward and the JOPC has put procedures in place on how we will qualify athletes into the National Championships. We will disseminate that information in the near future and we will keep you all posted with any potential updates and/or schedule changes.

This decision was not an easy one to make, but athlete health is our number one priority. We know how hard our coaches and athletes have worked to peak for the championships. We encourage you to continue working hard for the future.

Thank you all for your continued support and understanding through this time.


Adam Lomax

Region 1 Chairman

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